Sunday, June 26, 2016

Thinking about the Past (Part VIII)

       Summer has brought not only the heat, but also new ideas and a lot of inspiration to write. Let's grab the moment.

Thinking about the Past (Part VIII)

Markithors would not come out of my head.
They became the drugs of my imagination.
Such drugs that make you feel awkward, but so damn good.
I tried to do a small investigation on them, but I failed.
The G detective was now helpless - markithors were not mentioned anywhere. Neither were markoths.
I subconsciously felt that I was related to them and I had to ask the city in a very gentle way.
It looked at me, its eyelashes touching the sky.
I recognized that angry look of an animal, a wild beast lurking over the corner.
I didn't expect it to react so abruptly - its claws were already under my skin...
Two hours on the floor and a pool of saliva damped my hair to the roots.
Was I sleeping?
The city was sitting on its haunches with the sheet of parchment in its teeth.
I spoted the sign of markithors on the paper.
Did it allow me to learn about them?
My eyes were soon filled with the most innocent tears a human may produce.
Did the city hurt me? Will I get scars?
No, it could not possibly have happened.
I must have fallen asleep.


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