Friday, March 25, 2016

Thinking about the Past (Part V)

          Hi, everyone! I'm a terrible blogger, I know:) I can't manage my time... Hopefully, I've some inspiration to write. The latter always cheers me up.

Thinking about the Past (Part V)

I’ve been dreaming a long dream.
It was about the city as usual.
We laughed as if we had been small children who had been playing with balloons.
I threw the hearts into the air and the city was catching them.
Harlequin Valentine would envy me (let Neil forgive me for using it here).
I was Missy, but the city was truly remarkable with its claws bathed in blood.
It was melting like snow on its claws, but there were signs left after the process.
They were runes which then transformed into music notes.
I clearly saw that there were B and F.
They reminded me of the day I saw the city.
It was in front of the public, it was posing.
Every glance was nailed to it, as if all of them had expected the city to do an extraordinary thing and expose itself.
It was them when I bought it. B stands for “bought”. Can you guess what F stands for?
Fantasy? Fake? Freak? Failure or one of 6, 784 words that start with “f” according to Wolfram Alfa’s answer?
It is “fate”.
It is fate that I met the city there at that moment on that day.
Back to my dream: I didn't mean to mock the city, but I did it unconsciously.
It got offended though.
It took my heart in its paws and squeezed with the whole strength in front of all people.
Now, they were laughing and I was crying.
I screamed with pain and horror, but the city didn't react.
It continued to crush my heart like the grapes for wine.
It continued to revenge until it fell asleep...


Saturday, March 12, 2016

Thinking about the Past (Part IV)

            It has been such a difficult week for me, but, fortunately, the weekend has come, and I'm back with my writings. Here is what I've been up to this night:

Thinking about the Past (Part IV)

I like that I can think of the city as a god or a goddess, more likely as a god.
I have never been able to understand why people worship gods,
Why they create temples and sacrifice places,
Why they describe their gods so solemnly and humbly,
Why they are ready to eat the soil to prove their devotion.
Now, as I met the city, I fully betided the essence of this fidelity.
It dawned upon me that I could do anything for the city, even if it were wrong in the things I love and care.
The things I like the most in the city are the language and style.
It has something Gothic in the appearance, even with the lionish fur.
Its eyes are hardly describable.
The only thing I can say about them is that they show me everything –
Everything that I want or dream.
They are somehow a bit disturbing, but not at all tiresome.
They make my neck bend down and the head immerse into the language realm.
Who knows where the city gets this magnetism.
It is just pouring out of its eyes,
With the inrush of a volcano eruption or hailing.
It killed hundreds of people I am sure. Will it kill me as well? I wonder.
The city cannot tell me now –
It is still asleep.

As always yours,

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Thinking about the Past (Part III)

            Spring has come, and there is so much to think about... However, the past always remains in the memory...

Thinking about the Past (Part III)

“Six lions have escaped in Nairobi” – says CNN.
And I look at the city and smile –
It will never escape from me, I know.
It is still faithful to those who have tamed it. Yet, I have not.
The city is looking in the mirror.
I can’t say what it’s seeing, perhaps the image in its eyes.
Now, as the sky has hidden its azure and Jupiter has been dreaming the star dream,
The city is showing me something I have never seen –
Some dragons are flying among the planets,
Some pixies are jumping onto the heads of witches and wizards –
No, it is not a Harry Potter world – it is something I have never read about and imagined.
It must be city’s friend or just a comrade.
I like the times when it shows me its friends,
Since I adore fantastic creatures and paranormal entities that can even wave to me from their part of the world.
They are all weird, extraordinary and agitated, not like me.
I’ve been always allured by the sacredness of their nature,
By their ability to induce the will to mystery.
However, the city is not so much enthusiastic about them.
It looks at them, and there is no wonder and fascination in its eyes.
I hope it will give me some signs, when I should bow and greet them at the drop of a hat.
The remote city does not give me any signs. It has fallen asleep.